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Previous Work & Projects

We collaborate and work with our clients, partners and communities to live more sustainably.

2017 - Present

All Sustainable Futures Inc have been working with Jerrinja LALC as part of a formal MOU partnership since 2017. We continue to help and support Jerrinja LALC with many projects including the ongoing challenges with Illegal Dumping, Bush Fires, Land Management and providing enterprise opportunities for Jerrinja people to care and work on theirr own traditional Jerrinja country. We strive to help the Jerrinja LALC to build capacity, training and enterprise thats supports self-determination, community led goals and decision making. We respect to culturally respectful protocols.


2018 - Present

We have been working with our Love Food Hate Waste partners and communities to reduce good food ending up in land fill since 2016. Our volunteers and team work with food donors, we rescue good food from major retailers, grocers, cafes, schools, farmers and more to redirect this good food to where it is most needed.
An initial funding grant for equipment, assets and vehicles from the NSW Environmental Trust has directly supported us to implement and reduce food waste. We are dedicated to reeducing good food waste and educating communities to how they can change habits, behaviours and lifestyles to make a massive change that directly helps our environment.

Domestic Waste Bin

2018 - Present

Our team of Marine Ecologists and Educators deliver to your door, a marine science experience like no other.  We have taught at Primary Schools, High Schools, Universities, Aged Care Homes, Child Care Centres, multicultural and environmental festivals, events and workshops.  At each education facility we teach according to curriculum or school syllabus and can teach an entire school in a day, we have lesson plans, student activity sheets avail. 
No marine life is harmed during our program.

Kids and Education Workshop.jpg

2018 - Present

Since 2016 All Sustainable Futures Inc has operated a food rescue food donation program from supermarkets, green grocers, farmers, cafes and more. We divert good food from land fill and redirect it to many people and communities plus wildlife rescue volunteer groups. What we can not save or divert gets recycled into compost across many community gardens further educating communities about Love Food Hate Waste and Reduce - Recycle ways to reuse and repurpose food waste. 
To date we have saved around 550 tonnes of food waste from landfill, and in the process fed some hungry people, animals, wildlife and soils.

Rescued Food.jpg

2018 - Present

Our research study found 1 in 5 children in the Illawarra South Coast of NSW went to school hungry and 1 in 3 reported being hungry at school during class.  Our breakfast food program has helped thousands of children and families, we leave long lasting behavioural change, food education and food preparation behind after our semester free breakfast program before school, the breakfast program has been a huge hit with both schools, students and families would have participated.

School Kids Best Start School Breakfast.jpg

2020 - Present

All Sustainable Futures Inc worked with the Jerrinja Local Aboriginal Land Council to support a recent bushfire recovery work programs across Jerrinja Country severely burnt and impacted during the 2020 bushfires. Through training, education, land site works, mentoring and  recovery efforts we are working hard to remove damaged safety hazard native trees in residential corridors, wildlife habitat renewal for impacted lands and eco-systems, native endemic plant regeneration planting and foreshore stabilisation works across impacted waterways at Lake Conjola, Berringer Lake, Bendalong, Myola, Comberton and many other locations. A slow process but one which will help to repair and restore native bushlands to heal.


2016 - Present

Pappinbarra Valley, River and Catchment continues to benefit from our efforts in native seed and cutting collection, seed banking, native seed germination and tube stock nursery. Over 23,000 endemic species have been regenerated across natural bushlands, waterways and farming lands since the 2020 bushfires and floods. Our team of dedicated volunteers and staff are working hard to reduce further river and dam erosion, eradicate noxious weeds and pests plus reestablish endemic local native plants, shrubs and trees.

Seed Germination.jpg

2020 - Present

All Sustainable Futures have supported landholders in the Southern Highlands, NSW to protect critically endangered wildlife species and habitats including the Sugar Glider (Petaurus breviceps), the Koala (Phascolartos cinereus) through voluntary conservation agreements matched with significant ongoing conservation funding of $1.6million over 25 years thanks to funding secured via the Biodiversity Conservation Trust.
Photo Courtesy: Australian Museum


2020 - Present

All Sustainable Futures Inc assisted the National Threatened Species Institute to secure funding to establish a breeding and reintroduction program for the Smokey Mouse (Pseudomys fumeus) and the New Holland Mouse (Pseudomys novahollandiae) into habitat areas previously occupied by this threatened species.  The goal is to release captive bred threatened species back into their home range and is consistent with the National Recovery Plan for the species.
Photo Courtesy: Australian Museum

New Holland Mouse (Courtesy Australian Museum)_edited.jpg
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