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Black Soil

Environmental Evaluation, Research & Reporting

We provide environmental research, monitoring, evaluation and reporting:
- Plans of Management   
- Escarpment Management 
- Land Management
- Environment Plans
- Native Species Regeneration
- Endemic Seed Collection & Banking
- Heritage Reports
- Water Quality Monitoring
- Catchment Reports 
- Threatened Species
- Ecological Reports

Solar Energy

Solar, Wind, Renewable Energy

We are specialists in renewable energy to reduce residential and commercial carbon emissions.
- Consultancy Services
- Social Enterprise
- Feasibility 
- Clean Energy 
- Solar Education 
- Energy Efficiency 
- Product Expertise
- Action Planning
- Sustainable Living


Sustainable Housing & Infrastructure

The need to build and live more sustainably is essential to the future of our environment. 

Our previous infrastructure projects have provided many environmental, social, cultural and economic lessons.

Recent examples of our work include:

Sustainable Living Residential Project

- Proto-Type Build - Coledale NSW

Sustainable Commercial Project

- University of Wollongong -  Sustainable Buildings Research Centre.

Sustainable Community Projects

- Nowra East Community Garden Kitchen

- Jerrinja Aboriginal Social Housing Community "Gunyah" Gathering Space.

- Albion Park Public School Community Garden "Best Start School Food"     

Growing Plants

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in financial, social and environmental outcomes and well-being—this may include maximising social impact alongside profits for co-owners and communities. 

Whether it be a nonprofit, business, or other entities, social enterprises use creative ideas to change lives and better the environment.

Some of the sectors our work has supported across social enterprise includes:

- Recycling and Manufacturing

- Waste Management 

- Renewable Energy  

- Agriculture and Farming

- Land Services 

Gardening Tools

Community Development

Empowering people and communities leads to a robust, healthy, social and inclusive environment.  

- Community Research

- Community Consultation

- Governance and Training

- Leadership

- Resilience 

- Community Wellbeing 

Green Waste Recycling

Waste Management
& Recycling

Through a consulting approach, we provide waste and recycling solutions. 

- Waste Management 

- Green Waste

- Food Waste 

- Recycling Waste 

Kids in the Garden


Education comes in all shapes and sizes. The human brain is designed to learn and be trained no matter how old we are!

- Environmental Training 

- Heritage Training

- Community Training Programs

- Resilience Training

- Natural Disaster Recovery Programs

Shake on It

Stakeholder & Community Consultation

We design and implement community consultation projects and programs based on the type, location, demographic, psychographic, project, community or business type.
- Tailored Community Consultation
- Analysis & Reporting
- Qual vs Quant Analysis
- Hybrid Delivery Channels 
- Community Engagement


Culture & Heritage

We work culturally and respectfully on all traditional lands and country. We also promote and work with specialist first nation consultants, cultural Elders, mentors and community members,

Diver at Underwater Cave

Marine & Fisheries

We have a responsibility to sustainably manage the future of our marine parks & water ways. 
- Marine Nature Studies
- Fisheries Studies 
- Aquaculture & Mariculture 
- Science & Research
- Water Quality Monitoring

Coral Reef Island

Sustainable Eco-Tourism

Understanding the delicate balance of sustainable tourism requires not only industry knowledge but an environmental science and monitoring approach. 
- Sustainable Design Principles
- Reducing Human Impacts
- Diversified Services
- Waste Management
- Monitoring & Evaluation 
- Benchmarking & Reporting
- Product Development
- Consultation

Blue Print

Project Management

We have over one hundred years of collective project design, management and implementation experience. Our clients include Government, Corporate, Not-for Profit, Community, Industry Sector Consortiums, SME and specialist services. 

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